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Radio Star Killer! (12)

I moved to California in February 2008. It was tough for a couple reasons – but I won’t get into that now.

Anyhow, one night I was driving home and I was thinking about a bunch of things, among them this kind of thing (short version: my mom came with me to California, drove me to work and dropped me off then was heading back to Arizona. In dropping me off, she started to cry – which got me crying).

Mother’s Day was coming up on that particular night – so I thought up this “poem.” The word poem, as per usual on this site, is used very loosely.

When I see you cry,

It makes me cry.

So I just wanted to say,





In addition to the “poem” there’d be two sad faces. And, because my sense of humor is weird – I thought this would be hysterical if done in crayon.

After finishing up the “Mother’s Day” stuff I put it into a book. I was going to see my family in June, so I called the book “Happy Whatever Day It Is!” I had two copies printed from (a site that lets you print your own books – thus allowing me to feel like a legit author, without the hassle of needing talent/luck/whatever). Here for your entertainment/fear are some of the things from the book.

In short – sort of funny, sort of pathetic, sort of endearing … Sort of Brad Stanley (zing!).

(Oh ANNNNND – The pause button will probably be needed – it goes too fast and I’m too lazy to fix it. Sorry folks.)

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Comments on: "Radio Star Killer! (12)" (2)

  1. First of all — loved the music. I might steal … whatever that was, for a video I have that needs sound.

    Secondly, I’ve tried to cut back on how often I say, “droll”, but in all honesty, my mom never thought I was gay for saying it.

    Fun book.

    • DumbFunnery said:

      Oh – the sound was from YouTube … called “General Custard” … I just tried to look for it and no dice.

      Just upload a video to YouTube, have it tell you that song is not allowed, then hit “AudioSwap” and you can find General Custard. Wha-la!

      I can’t imagine any upstanding citizen such as yourself trying to cut back on how much you say droll – that’d be inhumane!

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