The intellectual equivalent of a ham sandwich.

Animal Facts

Minor Breed Duck, Puff Adder, Patas Monkey, Madagascar Big-Headed Turtle

Crowned Hornbill, Antelope Ground Squirrel, Cotton-Top Tamarin, Blue-Bellied Roller

Meerkat, Clouded Leopard, Southern Bald Eagle, Conch

Gorilla, Flamingo, Capybara, Kangaroo

Jaguar, Jaguar, Jaguar, Jaguar

Addax, Peacock, Okapi, Blue and Gold Macaw

Lory, Nubian Ibex, Fossa, Butterfly…ish

Racing Piglets, Prize Winning Cow, Black Panther, Parrot

Horse, Otter, Long-Spined Sea Urchin, Mandrill Monkey

Panda Bear, Elephant, Shrimp Goby, Parrot

House Cat, Raccoon, Rhinoceros, Sambava Tomato Frog

Brad Stanley, Pig-Nosed Turtle, Zebra, Ostrich

Fox of the Courtney Variety, Penguin, Lion, Jelly Fish

Black Bear, Squirrel, Dragon, Giraffe

Tiger, Dog, Polar Bear, Seahorse

I ripped this guys setup for this page. Who is this guy? More importantly, who are you?


Comments on: "Animal Facts" (5)

  1. Sweet. I’ve had my setup ripped off.
    Course my setup is just a long list but… lol

    This is really great. The animal facts are some of my favorites and I know I haven’t read all of these.
    Fun ahead, passenger boarding

  2. hahaha Holly and Matt have that book FU Penguin and it’s pretty damn hilarious. But no worries, you’ll be published one of these days too and I’ll be saying the same thing about your book 🙂

  3. Terrific, chock full of Terrif

  4. DumbFunnery said:

    Dang … that is a good call. I’ll write about whimsy when I have a picture of mom as the banner.

  5. Also about the dog – whimsical. Chock full of whimsy.

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