The intellectual equivalent of a ham sandwich.

Some gems of emails from over the years (the current banner picture is her from when she was a tiny child) …

From around 2003,

“brad your email was very informative.
so yesterday i was trying to fax something and this black guy i work with called les goes “excuse me sister” so i turned to keith who was also faxing something and said “did he just call me sista?” and keith was like nah. so he comes back in and i ask les and he goes yea i did. you got the hair for it. so i mumbled darsh and got some strange stares.
peace ”

Work is sometimes tough –

“Spiked cereal on a Thursday??? Most people save that crap for Tuesdays.
Look at you, lush. This weekend will be nuts, I can already tell. Spiked
cereal for breakfast.
These poncho rumors are untrue, unfounded, and underrepresented.”

And, this dream which we finally fulfilled when I was home for Christmas:

“Skank face? I will punch you for that.
We should both wear some home made t-shirts tonight. If we had more time we
could make them some ridiculous ones and make them put them on.”

(At some point I’ll post pictures of the awesome shirts.)

Happy bday Stinky!

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