The intellectual equivalent of a ham sandwich.

Oceanside, California Pictures

Oceanside California 3

Oceanside California 2

I like lifeguard stands … this picture, with the guy on the left just soaking in life, is very peaceful.

Oceanside California 4

Oceanside California 5

I enjoyed watching these guys bob along. Although most of them seemed to be waiting forever for a perfect wave and ended up boring me.

Oceanside California 6

This kid was the exception (he’s also the one walking into the water above). He would attack a wave, swim back up, and boom was back at the next decent wave he saw. Also I liked his stereotypical long blonde California surfer boy haircut.

Oceanside California 1

The pier was great to walk along at night … Except for when you’d see that fishermen had caught sharks about 25 – 50 yards further into the ocean than where you’d been swimming.

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