The intellectual equivalent of a ham sandwich.

Well, Friends …

As you may have heard, the United States just elected a new president. I was rooting against the person who won, but it’s over now.


Two things could be potential consequences of the new president – the environment not getting all of the attention it needs, and regardless of who would’ve won some people still could use help. I happen to not like the idea of either of those potential outcomes, so I will take steps to try to help.




I’d like to think I already do some good things here, and I will share with you a couple very simple things that I do to reduce the amount of garbage I generate, and how I try to be more thrifty in using resources:
  • Take short showers! Long showers are great, especially when it’s cold, but if you pick a song you know is X minutes long and play that while showering, it creates a challenge for you to finish before the song. Make a game of it, eh?
  • Do you drink coffee at work? Do you add stuff and use those little stirrers? Try using one for the whole week, or bring a spoon from home and rinse it off and reuse it. That’s unnecessary garbage we generate.
    • Having trouble picturing how this will make a difference? After all, you CAN get 1,000 of those from Costco for $3.19.
    • At 5.6 ounces for 1,000 – one of these weighs 0.0056 ounces.
    • If you use five per week for 48 weeks per year that’s 1.344 ounces of trash. (48 weeks because I’ll pretend you get a month off.)
    • If you work from age 22 to age 65, that’s 57.792 ounces. Or, 3.612 pounds.
    • For comparison, if you used one per week instead, you would have 0.7224 pounds of garbage at the end of your work life or ZERO pounds of trash if you used a spoon.
    • There is an estimated 243 million working age people in the United States, if we think only 50% of people use those stirrers – then if all those people used one stirrer straw a day, that’s 438,858,000 pounds of trash they’ll generate over the course of their working lives.
    • That’s trash that could EASILY be cut down!
    • I know that’s a bit silly, but just think about how many little bits and pieces of trash you throw away every day, and how there are literally billions of other people doing the same thing … Every tiny bit helps.
  • Don’t drive til you’re on E! Fill up when your car is at a quarter tank, it creates better fuel efficiency.

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Next up, I need to think about what I can add to continue to reduce the amount of trash I generate, or other steps I can take to positively impact the environment.

Even if you don’t believe that global warming is real, land fills are real, and they’re not dissipating.

For the Peoples:


Hold me accountable, world! In college I volunteered regularly, and right out of college I volunteered at a Boys and Girls Club tutoring (or trying to) kids. Since then the amount of volunteering I have done is pretty sparse. I’d like to get back to doing that.


Hear ye, hear ye, hold me accountable to getting involved in one project a month!


Thus ends my political reflections … for now.

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