The intellectual equivalent of a ham sandwich.

He is Risen

I’m So, So Sorry

Apologies, friends.

Sorry, especially, to Jesus.

But whenever I see ‘He is Risen’ (which I saw a lot of recently when I went to a flea market in town looking at children’s books … so many Christian children’s books, but zero Babar).

Anywho … I see those and think.

Could I write a book? A self-help book for parents of teenagers. It encourages fun weekend or summer activities, anything to get your kid up and out of bed.

‘He is Risen: A Guide to Waking Up Your Teen.’

Again … apologies. Apologies not only for something that is probably blasphemous, but also kind of a bad joke.

But I can imagine a nice, young Christian mom getting home with her new book. Opening it up, rolling her eyes, being frustrated and disappointed, and then seeing her child and thinking, ‘eh, might as well hold on to this for when he’s older.’

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