The intellectual equivalent of a ham sandwich.

New Year’s Eve, 2018

2018 is over, friends, and with it we have a chance to look to the next year and changes we might want to make. This year my wife has embraced the idea of ‘Monday resolutions’ which is the idea that you don’t need to make resolutions once a year but instead look for small changes to make every week. One idea I proposed for that is that we pick one item every weekend to clean … keep it easy and achievable. Maybe just the master bathroom bathtub. Easy, doable, and we don’t get way behind.

Normally I like to think back on the year and how I didn’t read as much as I intended, or I’ll read more next year, or do some self-improvement kinds of activities but …

Let’s be honest. That’s not going to happen.

I am reading very little these days. It’s because my son goes to bed, my wife and I hang out, and then I go to bed. I don’t read before bed, and if I do I read about two pages.

Instead I’ll focus on trying to be a good husband (date nights), father (less time on my phone when the kiddo is around), and employee (more plugged in at work).


But you know what, heck, let’s reach. On Tuesdays and Thursdays I wake up at 5 to swim. On Wednesday I should wake up early to read. That way I might actually finish the book about raising a 1-2 year old before my son turns 2. What a concept.


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