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Quotes of the Day!

Today’s quotes are from The Postman Always Rings Twice by James M. Cain. It’s one of the best known crime novels, and the reason I picked it up was because it inspired a classic film noir. Who can resist that?

With that in mind, I picked quotes from the book that I thought go well with the film noir type.


‘As the fellow said when he fell out of the airplane, it was a swell ride but we lit kind of hard.’


He might be asleep, but even asleep he looked like he knew more than most guys awake, and a kind of a lump came up in my throat. It was like the sweet chariot had swung low and was going to pick me up.


‘Oh yes. I fell for you because you were smart. And now I find out you’re smart. Ain’t that funny? You fall for a guy because he’s smart and then you find out he’s smart.’


‘So God kissed us on the brow, did he? Then the devil went to bed with us, and believe you me, kid, he sleeps pretty good.’


‘Because maybe it’s a stall, what he says about her, and maybe it’s not, see? But if I’m here, neither one of them can skip, you get it?’



Too much fun! How can you read that last quote and not do it in your best noir voice? Here, a movie clip for you.


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