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Music Monday





This playlist.

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Music Monday

SxSW is upon us, and with it is a lot of weird, new music. I listened to part of a playlist NPR put together (man I’m cool) and here are a few I enjoyed.






This playlist.

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Music Monday

Watch Out for Language Here, Mom


Music to Nap to (Sorry, Musician)



From an Apple Ad
(Apple Continues to Win at Discovering Little Known Talent)


This playlist.

All Music Monday Playlist.

Music Monday

You might not know The Greeting Committee. You oughta.





Not my favorite song, but I like the video


This playlist here.

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Music Monday





This playlist

All Music Monday songs in one playlist

Music Monday





This Playlist

All Songs in One Playlist

The Kiddo’s Music-Themed Animals


Mountain Goatye


Alambis Morissette


Owl Green


Harry Elafonte


Moose Springsteen


Thankfully there are also a lot of Barry singers, because we have quite a few bears. Chuck Beary, Beary Manilow … other ones that of course I’m drawing a blank on right now.

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