The intellectual equivalent of a ham sandwich.

Weekly Wacko (3)

For Halloween this year I went to the Castro, in San Francisco. The Castro, for those of you who don’t know, is San Francisco’s gayborhood. Yes, San Francisco is known as somewhat of a city-wide gayborhood, but the Castro is high-concentration gayborhood-ness.

It’s a great area for people watching, especially on Halloween. Here are some pictures I took from that night.

Here I am. I am a “cereal killer.” This costume did not really make a big splash because no one got it. My “knife” was a switch blade comb (I was going to be a greaser).
A friend and I were walking around taking photos of people, and people watching. I started quizzing people who would stare at me. My friend was dressed as Luigi, and I have to admit, I had Luigi-envy, because everyone got him right away. Me? No such luck.

“Can you tell what I am?”

“Uhh …”

Holding up the switch blade comb to a box of cereal, as though I’m going to cut it, I say, “pretend this is a knife.”

“It’s Halloween. I don’t have to pretend anything.”

What do you say to that?


Ahhh, the insanity. We were confined to sidewalks to so it was very hard to get around. I am so glad, during times like these, that I’m somewhat tall. I can at least get some fresh air that way.

Trick or Cheese! 612

No snark from me, just thought this was a cool costume.

Trick or Cheese! 619

Seems about right.

Trick or Cheese! 634


Trick or Cheese! 635

“Honey, we’re visiting San Francisco. We should go to the ‘gay’ part of town.”

“Why, what’s there?”

“Nothing, it’d just be fun to walk around!”

“Well, allllll riiiiight.”

Trick or Cheese! 636

Take out food, za-zing!

Trick or Cheese! 663

Such an awesome costume!

Trick or Cheese! 673

California Raisons! Great costume idea. Luigi and I agreed, any costume is better when done team-style.

Trick or Cheese! 696


Trick or Cheese! 682

Happy belated Halloween everyone!

Trick or Cheese! 691

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