The intellectual equivalent of a ham sandwich.

My Zombie Roomy (3/5/10)

The zombie always wears these tattered clothes.

I brought him home this Dallas Cowboys shirt and a pair of cargo pants I got from a goodwill store, and he just stared at them. He didn’t try them on or say thanks or anything.

I thought, ‘well, screw you too, zombie.’ I mean, at least thank me for the effort!

Anyway, I came home today and he was wearing the new stuff!

But he had ripped them up, so he must love the tattered look.

I googled ‘tattered look + zombie,’ and I found out it’s a cultural thing. I guess I shouldn’t have been so close-minded. Living with a zombie is a lot more educational than I ever thought it’d be.

[Also congrats to TS Hendrik who totally forecasted this joke.]

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  1. So it’s part of their culture huh? That make me curious about what theological set zombies follow. Would some be Jewish or Muslim? Would a Jewish zombie only eat kosher brains? And will Batman be able to escape from the viper pit?

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