The intellectual equivalent of a ham sandwich.


Check out this email I just got (I replaced their links with links to, and a youtube video) –


I was looking at your website, and I thought it might be a good candidate for our affiliate program. We’ll pay you 50% of each payment we receive from any customer you send our way. Our software helps couples struggling with infertility to get pregnant using natural methods.

Click here to see the details of our affiliate program.

Best Regards,
Joel Aemmer

My Fertility Charts
Affiliate Manager
1671 Leighton Ste B
Akron, OH 44314

If you’d rather not hear from us, just click here and I won’t contact you again.

While I think it’s a good thing for a couple to have a baby if they’re smart and can afford the child – I’m really not sure how my site relates to this. I’m surprised google didn’t block this as spam, actually. But if you care to send me an email (I won’t post legit, personal emails) please do!

And remember the online devil we love to hate! @dumbfunnery

Comments on: "WEIRD!" (2)

  1. DumbFunnery said:

    haha yeah i wasn’t sure if you would appreciate or find this weird. Maybe both?

  2. Seems like a sweet deal to me. Half a baby’s value belongs to you. Though if they really wanted to sweeten the pot they’d include a clause about every thirteenth couple’s first born belonging to you.

    Thanks for the odd linking. I hope this means my sight will become associated with ‘affiliate programs’ through the keywords. lol

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