The intellectual equivalent of a ham sandwich.

When I was home a few weeks ago I saw some of my favorite old books in my bedroom. One of them is a book that is not mine, it’s one my mom found that is old and fantastic.

It’s called What a Young Boy Ought to Know. It was written by Sylvanus Stall as part of the Purity and Truth, Self and Sex Series. If that’s not a catchy series, I don’t know what catchy means. Wait, what does catchy mean? That’s like an adjective to describe catchers in baseball?

Anywho – here are some pictures of the book, which is great for the content, and also because it’s from 1897 (old books are fun).

Self and Sex1

So elegant. So full of … facts?

Self and Sex2

The whole series was written lucidly and purely … Whoa.

Self and Sex3

All joking aside, I was pretty surprised to see a few females (they had pages of older folks spewing kind words about these books). That struck me as fairly progressive considering the year and content of this book.

Self and Sex4

“Dad can I start reading tonight, please? Please please PUH-LEASE!”
-Any boy, after seeing the riveting enticements of chapter 1



Self and Sex5

Part II’s title … I wonder if a counter book was produced and their chapter two had the title, “Use it or Lose it.”



Self and Sex6

That’s right ladies and older gentlemen, you’re not off the hook – you all need to know what is appropriate when it come to Purity and Truth, Self and Sex.

Comments on: "Self and Sex Series – Book Pictures" (5)

  1. My Name's Not Barbara said:

    haha I had a book mysteriously appear on my bookshelf in my teens years called “It’s Time You Knew…” and it was from 1954. Not only was it incredibly awkward, how outdated it was, was hilarious.

  2. I really hope “reproductive organs injured in boys” wasn’t the point Chapter 3 was trying to make, which would be creepy…

  3. “The manner in which the reproductive organs are injured in boys by abuse.”
    If God hadn’t intended on boys abusing those things, he wouldn’t have put exactly at arms length!

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