The intellectual equivalent of a ham sandwich.

Concentric Circles of Caring

Organizing things is fun. It can help you feel productive and give you a sense of order and control over an otherwise unpredictable affair called life.
Organizing the people you are closest to is admittedly less fun. But that ordering exists whether you want to recognize it or not.
It’s all about the concentric circles of caring, and you are smack dab in the middle.
If some outsider comes and says something awful about someone who lives in one of your outermost circles you’ll question that outsider and defend that person. If someone
in your innermost circle deliberately hits that person on the outermost circle with their car (just a friendly tap), and then laughs and posts a video on YouTube,
you’ll be sad. Not sad about the car thing, but sad because what the hell innermost circle person, what kind of weird twisted logic am I going to have to employ
to defend you?
“Well, there are always two sides to every story … right? And I mean, sure, the YouTube video looks bad but I’m SURE something happened that led to this. I just feel like …
lets wait until all the facts come out, you know?”
That’s the kind of willful ignorance that only someone you really like gets the benefit of.
You may be a lover, not a fighter, you may love all of your friends and family deeply and without hesitation, but if Bob and Sally end up exchanging words and you find
yourself sure that one of them is in the right, well buddy, welcome to the concentric circles of caring.

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