The intellectual equivalent of a ham sandwich.

Quotes of the Day!

This edition of ‘Quotes of the Day!’ is about Silas Marner, by George Eliot. Sometimes, books are like dating. You think something should work out, it makes sense logically, but for whatever reason, you just don’t click.

I think Silas Marner is well-written and should have been enjoyed by me but … for whatever reason, I moved through it slow as molasses. I would read forty pages in one day and then not pick it up for two weeks. I don’t know why it didn’t grab me more. I recommend it, but with the caveat of, ‘but you know, you might not like it.’

That said, lets move on to some pretty quotes from the book.

The little light he possessed spread its beams so narrowly, that frustrated belief was a curtain broad enough to create for him the blackness of night.

Perfect love has a breath of poetry which can exalt the relations of the least-instructed human beings

“I can do so little – have i done it all well?” is the perfpetually recurring thought; and there are no voices calling her away from that soliloquy, no peremptory demands to divert energy from vain regret or superfluous scruple.

“one feels that as one gets older. Things look dim to old folks: they’d need have some young eyes about ’em, to let ’em know the world’s the same as it used to be.”

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