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Memorial Day, or, Oh the Places You’ll Go

The Long Gray Line

Photo from my Dad’s graduation from West Point

Happy Memorial Day to all those currently serving, and those who have served.


A special thanks to my mom (who served by marrying a GI Joe) and dad – for giving me the oh the places you’ll go life Army Brats love (and sometimes hate).

From the bottom of my heart, which is with me and piece-meal in …

North Carolina





New York, and


(Extending post-Brat to Arizona, Texas, and California)

Thank you to those who serve others (in all those far too thankless professions).

Family Photos (Korea)

I’m very happy to have grown up moving around quite a bit (my Dad was in the Army and we moved every few years). The one regret I have is that I didn’t really start to open up and appreciate the PLACE I lived until college.

Anyhow – here are some fun old photos.

My dad and I in Korea

The Clan – Thank goodness for cameras with timers!

This looks like the cover of a bad CD. The photo was apparently taken by me. Touche 5 year old self.

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