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Let’s Talk About … Procedures!!

A well-known case of a daily procedure was Steve Jobs and his daily wardrobe (others are in this category, and it’s talked about some in this article). One of the ideas behind why a self-imposed ‘uniform’ of sorts is a good thing is because it saves brain power.

Famous people aren’t the only one who have their tricks and gimmicks to save mental energy (and probably it helps avoid mistakes too).

  1. My dad has the exact same nightly routine of grinding coffee beans and setting up the coffee machine so that he just has to push the Go button the next morning.
  2. When I shower I wash everything in the same order. (I started this in high school when I would be half-asleep when showering and realize I didn’t remember if I’d already washed my arms or my legs or whatever, so a set routine would answer that question because if I was on X body part it meant I’d already washed body parts Y and Z.)
  3. If I have to remember to take something to work I will put whatever items they are next to my wallet. When I inevitably just move the items out of the way and forget them (this happens half the time), the next day I put sneakers in front of my door and the items on top of those so I have to break out of my morning routine trance to move the items.


What about you, what are your little tricks/gimmicks/routines that keep your organized, efficient, and/or thinking less?

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