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Slight Improvements

When I was going to start first grade my family moved from Korea to Alaska. The school was close enough to my home that I would walk to school every day (including when it reached -60 degrees out, I was just bundled up to a point that I could hardly move).

The first winter there we also happened to have record snowfall. It was crazy. People had to come shovel your ROOF for fear that the weight of the snow might cause damage. That’s a lot of snow.

Every school day I followed the same path. I’d go out our front door, cut across a field and then be on a sidewalk until I had to cross the street directly across from the school.

After the initial big snowfall I walked to school happy and charmed by the snow. Stomping along happily through the snow and taking it all in. This was a mistake. Because then more snow came along, and more snow, and more snow. The snow was deep enough that trying to walk through it would lead to thighs of steel, and/or a boot lost when your leg sinks into the deep snow and you wiggle your leg around until it finally pops out but whoops … no boot. This meant every day that winter was a reminder – I took some awfully big, goofy steps that first snowy day! By tracing the same steps every day I was able to keep cutting across the field, and avoid sinking into the snow. But unfortunately, my steps were hard to follow.

The next winter I had learned my lesson. After the first big snowfall I didn’t lift my feet at all, shuffling through the snow all the way to school. I created a nice, easily walkable path across that field.

This winter, confronted by snow again, I have also made some slight improvements.IMG_20180202_073547663

I shovel the front porch because otherwise ice is liable to form there, and it’s no fun to walk on snow or ice in your slippers. With a clear porch I can let the dog out in slippers no problem.

And I shovel a bit of the grass because our dog is a dope, and she will wander aimlessly for a while if she sees no grass to pee on. Eventually she gives up and picks a random spot. But it’s easier if I have what I affectionately refer to as the ‘pee patch.’ If this spring that grass is dead, I’ll know the dog is overdue for a visit to the vet.

Stuff With Snow on It










I’ll Have One Blizzard, Please


Around 5:30 or so my wife woke me up telling me, “there’s a blizzard warning!” I said, “mm” and went back to sleep. I always get watch vs warning confused. To me, if something has happened you are able to watch it … if something is probable, you should issue a warning. But nope. That’s not how it goes.


By the time I was up and at ’em, it was a bit late to make it into work to get my laptop and come back home.


Snow, snow, everywhere.


When the snowing stopped, it was actually a great day to be outside. As a result, please meet Cletus.



Horsetooth Rock Trail

Not Featured: Microspikes! When the trail got particularly icy (the last 100 yards or so) we put our microspikes on and were able to continue. My wife donned them first, I maintained a tough guy approach and then promptly ate it … Then, with the microspikes on we walked faceplant-free to the top where we had lunch and a thermos full of hot chocolate.

Also not featured: Earlier that day while out on a jog I saw two bald eagles!!

Also also … I’ll get back to writing more at some point but for now I’m just too impressed with how much beauty nature has to offer.

The New Home









Attn: Ellen (12/25/13)



Back (apologies for my handwriting!)


The text of the postcard is

Dear Ellen,

Merry Christmas to you and yours!

I hope you have a good visit from Santa, or not, I don’t want to force your hand or anything … So, you know, um, see ya next year.


P.S. This postcard was, apparently, written while watching a Michael Cera movie.

Why am I doing this?

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