The intellectual equivalent of a ham sandwich.

Quotes of the Day!

“Stand back sissies, you’re using my oxygen.”

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

“Call me Ishmael, Jr.”

Mobier Dick: Forget the Whale, Let’s Sell Used Cars!

Whenever I see a book that is so-and-so’s son or daughter I always think – would this book be published if this person wasn’t using their mom or dad’s work as a starting ground? Then I feel bad for being close-minded. Then I call my mom and ask her to get famous. Then I usually get distracted by some comic books.

Anyhow. I think in the case of this fictional Moby Dick sequel, I would read that book. There could be a whole series. Forget the Whale, Let’s Go Shopping! (the limited release Mall of America version); Forget the Whale, Wait What Whale (the limited release for grandparents); Forget the Whale, Now Where’s My Pants? (global release).

Have a good weekend everybody!

Comments on: "Quotes of the Day!" (6)

  1. I think any sequel to Moby Dick should be just as long but have a blank section in the middle where you can draw you own whales.

    I’m all for nepotism, for me though. Authors like Frank Herbert’s son really are riding coattails. Cause the world really didn’t need more Dune books.

    • DumbFunnery said:

      Oh man – the drawing section idea is brilliant.

      The Dune stuff always reminds me of that Bobby Darrin, Jr. song, “Fly me to the Dune.” har har har. the bad jokes don’t stop, folks!!

  2. I’ve been thinking about whether I could write a spoof book like what you were saying. And then I wondered if people even wrote spoof books. I guess so.

    (Also wondering if you got my two emails.)

    • DumbFunnery said:

      Yes sir – actually I may go comment on your blog too so you’ll see the response. Or heck, I could respond to the email …

      Anyhow. Thank you for the emails! I’m definitely going to look into that site you told me about. (Just been too big of a bum so far …)

  3. trollope’s mom was a famous author. just sayin.

    • DumbFunnery said:

      Oh there can definitely be famous and talented kids of stars … it’s just my first thought tends to be riding on coat-tails, which is cynical of me.

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