The intellectual equivalent of a ham sandwich.

Happy Birthday to … Dad

October is a big birthday month in my family. I decided to do a little post for some of the birthday boys and girls I know.

I remember my dad telling this story – and I may not have it 100% right, but the gist will be right.

My dad went to the United States Military Academy and I don’t recall any of the correct acronyms for the positions he said. Whoops. There was a fella (not the correct title) who was a fancy pants (correct title) who was above my dad. I got the impression my dad was not a terribly big fan of this guy.

Nevertheless, my dad survived West Point and began his military career.

Years later my dad was at an event and this higher ranking officer was there.

When my dad went to shake the man’s hand the man said, “I remember you, a smartass with potential.”

My dad, naturally, replied, “nice to see you too, sir.”

Happy bday to the guy who gave me my smartass gene!

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