The intellectual equivalent of a ham sandwich.

2 Themed Pub Crawls (One Down)

In case it’s not obvious … this was an Ugly Sweater pub crawl. Rainbow Speak and I have an email list at work that we send information to whenever we try and get a group to do something. (We encourage anyone to spread info about events, but we are software engineers and the anomaly. That is, most of our co-workers say “ehh, no thanks” when it comes to doing … pretty much anything. Phew. Rant now over.)

Anywho. We contacted our co-workers and we got a group of 7 of us to go out looking like idiots! The manager of the place where we ate came up and thanked us for choosing his place, enjoyed our sweaters, and gave us 15% off! Whoo!

Now for the sweater by itself in all its glory …

My friends decided it looked like an old school Nintendo game, where the golfers get points for popping the hot air balloons with well-aimed shots.

Evening Museum Event

There were carolers! Eat your seasonal heart out.

This event was … ah forget it I’ll just use the site’s description.

Tour the holiday-themed Yuletide display on the first floor of the house, with docents on hand to give insight to the period décor. Outside, relax with a cup of hot cider while you enjoy music and holiday cheer.

Basically you walk around a jumbo house and see rooms decorated like they would be different years through history (at the least they had 1950s, 1790s, 1770s … others too).

It was a fun event. There were mascots too.

Rainbow Speak and I attended this, and we had an awkward exchange with the gingerbread man.

Gingerbread Man: Ohh, you’re tall!

Me: …Yep.

GM: It must’ve been an awfully big oven to make you!!

Me: …

Rainbow Speak: He was so big he needed two ovens!

Me: …

First, the Gingerbread Man gives the weirdest yo mama so fat joke. THEN, Rainbow Speak implies that I have lesbian moms. Needless to say, this was my favorite part of the night.

One more picture? Ok, we’ll go out with a bang …

Check the master list here.

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  1. Erika says that sweater looks like you robbed an old folks home.

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