The intellectual equivalent of a ham sandwich.

SxSW 2010

In a few weeks I’ll be going to South by Southwest with a group of friends. Some of them you “know.” There’s Rainbow Speak, JuiceBox, E$, Theresa (she’s commented occasionaly) and airplane (so nicknamed for her love of airplanes).

Two years ago I went with my brother-in-law and sister, and we had a blast. We played a game where we decided to keep count of hipster fashion statements. Among the items we looked for:

  • stone-washed jeans jackets
  • ridiculous mustaches
  • have a bike or the phrase ‘dude I want want soooo bad but I just don’t have the cash right now’

There were probably more but it’s been two years, so … ya know.

In the hopes of meeting a pretty lady I am going to practice my looks. I figure if a girl is really into musicians she might like a guy who looks:

  • wonder-torn
  • soul-hungry
  • whimsically-funereal

I’m just talking nonsense. But I figure ‘moody’ would be the look to go for (unfortunately I am too quick to laugh).

I am excited about the music, and the people watching. There were a lot of random moments I really enjoyed, so this week I’m going to write about those.

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