The intellectual equivalent of a ham sandwich.

Here’s a funny/could be perceived as racist thing that happened from SxSW two years ago.

We went to ‘British Invasion Night’ at the British Music Embassy – which featured artists from … yeah. They had posters up on the wall for various performers. Here are a few.

A girl, named … ready for this? Ghettozoid, who was either queen of the hipsters or a musician started talking to my sister, E$. The three of us ended up talking to Bristol for a while and we told her about a game we were playing – identifying hipster trends. We mentioned jeans jackets and she laughed and said “yep.” (Later, when her and Bubbz, the dude she performed with talked to us … she pointed at his jeans jacket and laughed. Awesome.)

Ghettozoid had pointed out the guy she was going to perform with, a black dude with a fro of sorts. Then I say, “oh cool he’s on one of the posters!” or something like that. I gesture to this poster – a poster of a black dude with a fro of sorts.

You can guess where this is going.

Thankfully Ghettozoid’s very nice (every time I say her name I laugh) and says oh that’s another guy but yes they DO look alike! Oof. If I was her I wouldn’t have been able to resist the ‘not all black people look alike’ joke. But maybe with an added, ‘but all black people DO like watermelon’ just to keep me confused … No? No good? Anywho, we ended up talking to them after they finished singing and they told us about another show they’d be doing on I think Saturday (I think it was Thursday night when we saw them). At that moment … we became groupies! On Saturday when we showed up to watch them they greeted us with hugs (yeah, what’s up).

Here’s to racism, SxSW, meeting talented artists, and hipsters! (The picture below is Ghettozoid and Bubbz.)

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