The intellectual equivalent of a ham sandwich.

SxSW 2013 Stages

SxSW 2013 6th Street

So many people, so little time to stand around laughing at the style choices. (And hey, I provided plenty of fodder, I wore pink pants one day.)


SxSW 2013 Latitude 30

Just seeing this guys shirt was all you needed to know he was in a band. (I’m talking about the lead singer in the floral print shirt.)

SxSW 2013 The Belmont

Matching yellow blazers and a dance routine to go with it. These guys, Capital Cities, put on a good show.

SxSW 2013 The Stage

They had a lot of good acts … So when you think up-and-coming bands, think HGTV.

SxSW 2013 VICE Bar

There was a tall, skinny dude dancing for a while which looked cool. No funny story, it just looked cool in the lighting.

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