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SxSW 2014 – My Favorite Acts

Aloe Blacc (Hands down the best show I saw)

American Authors (I think this song is in a commercial, no surprise considering how catchy it is)

Ages and Ages (I posted about them in my pre-SxSW post too)

Jeremy Messersmith (When suburbia white boys pick up a guitar to learn to play to impress girls, this is who they picture themselves becoming … This sounds like an insult to him, but I don’t intend it that way)

Nightmare and the Cat (What was great about this was that we just stumbled on this band)

Attn: Ellen (3/19/14)



Back (apologies for my handwriting!)


The text of the postcard is

Dear Ellen,

Sometimes when I am doing something “cool” or at a “cool” event (like SxSW) I think of my future potential children and how maybe one day they’ll stumble on some pictures of their old man and think, “woah! Dad used to look so young … And like, do stuff!”

Unfortunately for this scenario it means I need to stop making goofy faces in pictures and that’s not likely.

Sorry potential kids, your old man is a dork. (If you’re reading this, just know that every time you tease me I will make a math joke in front of your friends.)


Why am I doing this?

SxSW 2014 Random Music

The Pack A.D. – Blackout (This looks so low budget and enjoyable to me)

Ava Luna – Clips (Smooth? white boy)

G-Eazy – The Coolest Job

(Chim Chim Cheree into a rap song? Ok, I’ll bite for the unexpected factor)

Pompeya – Power (Might be my favorite of these songs)

Ages and Ages – Souvenir

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