The intellectual equivalent of a ham sandwich.

An Award!


Abolg, of fame, nominated me for this award! Sweet! Thank you Ms. W.R. Woolf!

According to the rules of the award (I tried to look up who started this and it might be here?) I am now supposed to say ten random facts about myself and nominate ten other blogs to receive this award. Without further ado …

The Facts

1. In October of this year, I will have been blogging for four years. That’s a lot of nonsense.

2. I like going to because it has dumb pictures which are sometimes funny.

3. Lately I have gotten back on a kick of playing Battlefield 3 (I wrote about this before too).

4. Calvin and Hobbes is one of my favorite things in the world.

5. My last semester of college I broke the wrist of the hand I write with. This was upsetting for a lot of reasons – but two big ones were it made it tough to write and I couldn’t play video games. I spent a lot more time reading and napping. Which leads me to the reason for this “fact,” my frequent naps led to my roommate saying, “if you were a sleep machine you would be highly efficient.”

6. I am very afraid of people (including myself) touching my eyes.

7. I think it would be cool to be a spy, but I would be terrible at it.

8. The last two facts remind me of this post (self-promotion much? Sure, why not).

9. I am a big ice cream fan. I may go buy some after I write this.

10. One of my friends has my name in his phone as, “tall guy from work.”

The Blogs

1. (Probably the first blog I started to read regularly)

2. (He’s off pursuing an education or some such nonsense so he posts less frequently, but good stuff)

3. (They raise money by letting people do weird challenges! What fun, eh?)

4. (She’s a goofball, and she writes about it)

5. (Beautiful pictures and some very good stories)

6. (Running around the globe and posting stories and pictures to make me jealous.)

7. (The girl who created the award in the first place!)

8. (She’s doing something new once a week and blogging about it. And she’s entertaining while doing so, which is cool. Also I actually know her in real life.)

9. (She’s funny … like a fox?)

10. (I’m awful about visiting blogs so I looked around for a while and found a new one to visit regularly! Meet Ned.)

Comments on: "An Award!" (3)

  1. Calvin and Hobbes is my favorite comic of all time. Also, thanks for the mention. It’s true, I’ve been a lazy ass since going back to school. I miss the blogging life and vow to return to it in the most triumphant way possible. It’ll be like when one of those sports guys returned after retiring and did really well or something like that…geez, my writing ability has taken a nosedive.

  2. Thanks Brad! I really appreciate this! I appreciate it so much that I just walked a long ways to get enough phone signal to respond! As to the whole “eye touching” thing.

    I don’t think about anybody else
    When I think about you, I touch my eye…

  3. Thank you my good sir. I too am very squeemish about eye touching. That scene in audition… *shudder*.

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