The intellectual equivalent of a ham sandwich.

A New Regret

Recently I have realized a regret that I didn’t know until … recently. I wish I had done a radio show in college.

At my college they were easy to get and there’s absolutely no pressure because no one is listening to you!

But wait, you think, if no one is paying attention what’s the point? What would you do? Who would you interview?

The point is I would do whatever I want! I would interview myself pretending to be other people (giving me a chance to do silly voices and impressions). I’ve got news people, we all have that one friend who likes to do accents or impressions – those people are only TOO ready to do accents or impressions. No one is more dazzled by their accents/impressions than themselves.

Would I care that no one is listening to me (as myself) asking questions of myself (as a meat head or stereotypical sorority girl or gay German man named Gunter)? No! I wouldn’t care at all! Because my target audience (me) would be listening!

Of course I would love it if people tuned in because maybe, just maybe, someone would say something to acknowledge something I feel is a genuine skill and comedic talent … But the shameful part is if I get sad enough, I will just make up a new voice of some over the top enthusiastic supporter and then interview him and maybe for good measure throw in an “angry caller number 7” voice and then I would moderate the conversation as myself and radio drama would ensue.

Oh college radio show, what fun we would’ve had. My self-created, 7 views one with one dislike best of radio show highlights youtube video would’ve been a regular watch as my days went by.

P.S. I have been watching a lot of Futurama so maybe I am jealous of being a voice actor.

P.P.S. That whole doing this for my own amusement also explains a LOT of this blog.

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