The intellectual equivalent of a ham sandwich.

I really enjoy bad movies. A lot of movies, even good ones, are predictable, but bad movies take that predictability and add to it an element of surprise … making them a little unpredictable. A movie that is bad enough won’t follow that same tired trope, because that would be a logical plot that wouldn’t have plot holes. No, a bad movie doesn’t care about plot holes, doesn’t care about ridiculous chance encounters that are there just for one bad joke.

And, with bad movies, I don’t mind paying minimal attention to the movie. I’m confident I’m not going to miss out on anything.

Bad movies are great.

One thing I like about bad movies is the actors themselves. I have all kinds of questions for those people. Were you aware of this movie being this bad while you made it? Were you excited nevertheless? What age range makes you angry to be in a bad movie? For young actors and actresses, they are probably excited to be in a movie, bad or not, and they think THIS, THIS is what will get me noticed for a GOOD movie. Older actors and actresses might think, sweet heavenly goodness, PAYDAY! Unless they are older and used to be in productions that were good. But lets say someone has been in a few bad movies and now they find themselves in another one, they’re still young but … reality is beginning to set in. What an angry cast mate that person would be, huh? And which character is the angriest? Is it the dorky guy as comic relief? Is it the heroine, the hero? The antagonist?

Which scene was most painful to film?

I know it’s a cruel thing to enjoy, wondering at someone’s hopes and dreams and sadness and anger while portraying some predictable character … but I root for all those people. Sometimes, if I’m really bored, I’ll even look for interviews of those people on shows or to see if they’ve made it to anything nicer.

Here’s to you, bad movie stars.

Kick back on this Labor Day, and enjoy a bad movie (or two) while cooking up some grub!


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