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Lazy Post

Lately work has been extra draining and I have lacked any creative thoughts. Also I got a new video game so between work, the World Cup and the video game the creative output has slowed. In place of a post, here’s a good interview. (Note: at one point it repeats itself, maybe around the 30 minute mark, so just skip ahead.)


Observations on the World Series

World Series beard

The thing you have to respect most about the Red Sox is that if they were in a bowling alley in a small town in Michigan they would look perfectly natural


Actually … that’s all I have. I don’t know if it’s living in Houston or what, but baseball hasn’t done much for me this season. I sat down to watch some tonight, and instead ended up watching Stephen Fry clips on YouTube. Which also means my idea of blogging and baseball didn’t happen so … all you have is that one thought I had above.

I really thought other ideas would spring to me but instead I just want chocolate covered raisins and more videos of English people being funny (and sometimes making jokes I don’t get at all because I have no idea what they’re talking about).

(Psst … This post will go under the ‘lazy post’ tag …)

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