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Tough Interview Questions (and Their Answers!)

Recently I did some interviewing and some questions I encountered would brutally tough. Thankfully I’ve got an inside scoop and I was able to find out the answers, so here they are.

Good luck with your upcoming interviews! With these in mind, I know you’ll do great.

Q: what is the biggest difference between you and a star fish?

You might be tempted to talk about how you’re more proactive, or how you are more flexible, but no – the correct answer is that unlike a starfish, children would not be excited to stumble upon your dead body washed up onto the shore.

Q: Can you tell me five things wrong with this picture? (And then they show you a headshot of Danny Devito.)

You could probably talk about a LOT of things when it comes to Danny Devito but don’t be fooled, this is a trick question. The correct answer is to say no quietly, and then look at the lead interviewer and say, “but I can tell you five things wrong with THIS picture.” (Then wave your arms about to indicate a society that is so judgmental.)

Q: You’ve got a triangle, a square, a rhombus and thirty seconds to live, what’s your favorite color?

This is a classic example of too much information in a question and you are forced to focus on only the details that matter. In this case, it’s the fact that you only have thirty seconds to live. Ideally you will FLIP. OUT. I would strongly encourage standing up, flipping your chair, and if you can get yourself to sob uncontrollably, now is the time to do that.

Trust me folks, follow my advice here, extrapolate these generic questions into any question you get, and you’re practically guaranteed a new job!

Lazy Post

Lately work has been extra draining and I have lacked any creative thoughts. Also I got a new video game so between work, the World Cup and the video game the creative output has slowed. In place of a post, here’s a good interview. (Note: at one point it repeats itself, maybe around the 30 minute mark, so just skip ahead.)


Tough Interview Question

I read that one way to have someone prove their ability to communicate difficult concepts in an easy to understand manner is to ask a question like, “how would you explain a website that is http versus a website that is https to your grandmother.”

First, you may have to familiarize yourself with the technical intricacies of the difference because wait … what does http even stand for? I mean I know s is secure or … like … security but … How does the internet work!?

Anywho, I thought of a question I would ask if I was conducting an interview of someone who I didn’t like because I felt he or she was too cocky: “How would you explain how babies are conceived to your grandmother?” Then when the person insists that their grandma knows or that the question has no relevance for being a clerk at a grocery store I would simply state, “If you want the job,” then I would pause for dramatic effect, “then explain to me, as though I am your grandmother, where babies come from. I went to a Catholic high school so … don’t mind me taking copious notes.”

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