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One Year Later!

Ladies and gentlemen, the kiddo has made it to one year of life! And, mom and dad have too! Phew.

Let’s take a look back (read: lazy post) … here are my posts around the kiddo’s arrival, and all of the daily haiku I’ve been doing.

(Note: I recently looked back on these, and it made me appreciate that I have been doing the daily haiku.)


The Big Arrival

The Kiddo – Part I – Watership Down

The Kiddo – Part II – Game Day

The Kiddo – Part III – Chez NICU


Monthly Posts

Is the Fog Beginning to Lift? (3 Months)

4 Months and Counting

The Carousel of New Parenthood (5 months)

Month 6, Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Embrace the Short Nap

Month 7, Or Oh the Places You’ll Go (Developmentally)

Month 8, Or Get Up, Come On Get Down With the Sickness

Month 9 or Crawlington Station

Month 10, or Stand Up And Make Your Voice Heard!

Month 11, or OHHH! MY EYE!!!!



January 2017 Haiku

February 2017 Haiku

March 2017 Haiku

April 2017 Haiku

May 2017 Haiku

June 2017 Haiku

July 2017 Haiku

August 2017 Haiku

September 2017 Haiku

October 2017 Haiku

November 2017 Haiku

December 2017 Haiku

January 2018 Haiku

February 2018 Haiku

March 2018 Haiku

April 2018 Haiku

May 2018 Haiku

June 2018 Haiku

July 2018 Haiku


Top Three Cat Videos

As we all know the internet is made for those who think cats are adorable. And who can disagree with that? Cats ARE adorable. Check out what Time Magazine (may not necessarily be true) and the Huffington Post* think are the top three cat videos.


Bane Cat


Crash Test Cats


Party Cat


*At least that’s my guess.

Observations on the World Series

World Series beard

The thing you have to respect most about the Red Sox is that if they were in a bowling alley in a small town in Michigan they would look perfectly natural


Actually … that’s all I have. I don’t know if it’s living in Houston or what, but baseball hasn’t done much for me this season. I sat down to watch some tonight, and instead ended up watching Stephen Fry clips on YouTube. Which also means my idea of blogging and baseball didn’t happen so … all you have is that one thought I had above.

I really thought other ideas would spring to me but instead I just want chocolate covered raisins and more videos of English people being funny (and sometimes making jokes I don’t get at all because I have no idea what they’re talking about).

(Psst … This post will go under the ‘lazy post’ tag …)

Why So Lazy?

This week I had my Wednesday post, which I had set up a while ago, a post yesterday … and this. Not my most ambitious blogging week. What I would like to do now, in a continued trend of a lack of creativity, is explain why.

  • Netflix just had a bunch of seasons of shows that I like come out – this makes me happy but you would be surprised how fast it can get to be bedtime and you’ve accomplished nothing
    • What’s really bad is when I watch a show a WHOLE BUNCH OF TIMES then go to bed and end up having dreams that the characters are in … It sounds like it’d be cool, after all I am a big fan of whatever show it is, but really I’m just sick of them. But then I wake up, go to work, and start watching as soon as I get home.
    • It’s just no good.
  • I have my NCAA football game (the only place you’ll find an SMU team that is playing well), Halo 4, Dark Souls, and my buddy is out of town for the weekend so he lent me GTA V … That does not spell creative outlets but instead creating a dent in my couch
    • Actually two dents in my couch: one for my body, one for where I punch when I can’t believe that guy just … ARGGHHHH game you make me so angry (check back Monday for more on this riveting topic!)
  • I saw a little blurb online about a game called Tiny Death Star – the blurb mentioned that the makers of this upcoming Star Wars game for smart phones had also made a fun game called Tiny Towers
    • Nothing bad seems to happen (so there’s no challenge) … But I can’t stop dictating the world of my Tiny Tower citizens!
    • In the game one of my people had a dream job to work in a Tea Shop … and I made this happen … I am a just and good ruler


Ok, back to the limitless mindless diversions … Next week I’m back with a vengeance!

Or not.

Feeling Lazy

Heya folks, I am feeling lazy today so I present you with … Pure evil! In the form of, a species-hating warmonger more commonly known as … The Chaquita Banana!

Don’t ask me to explain why she’s a warmonger, she just seems kind of evil.

White Gold is …

You know who’s feeling lazy today? This guy. Here, have some youtube videos of these old very bizarre (which I appreciate) milk commercials.

Good News, Jive Turkeys!

Thanksgiving is over! So go ahead, get back to being jive turkeys.


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