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Congratulations Graduates! Welcome to the Next 40 Years

Graduation … It’s a milestone that is at once happy, and upon further reflection, terrifying.

Let’s say you get yourself a lovely corporate job and you’re reading through orientation information and filling out paperwork and your work offers a lovely savings program. You think to yourself, “I’ve never made much money so … I won’t even notice that I’m missing five percent of my paycheck.” Then you say goodbye to that five percent.

That’s fine – here’s where it gets depressing. The money is put into something which is oriented towards the day you will retire … which is more than forty years away.

Moving on …

There’s a good chance you already know all of this, and possibly more than me. Nevertheless, I am going to write about this (hasn’t everything already been covered anyway? So why not add my voice to the redundant, overdone chorus?). My sister likes to make fun of me for having become very corporate, and I’ve come to realize that she is kind of right. Now to add to my corporate image …


First off, congrats on getting a job. I will give three pieces of unwarranted advice.

Piece of advice number one: Expect unwarranted advice. Listen to it anyway.

Piece of advice number two: SSSSSSMILE!

Piece of advice number three: If when you tell people about what you do, you try to make it sound more complicated than it actually is … Stop it. I don’t have a reason for that one, it just annoys me.

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