The intellectual equivalent of a ham sandwich.


This is how I picture an interview going with myself and David Letterman, if I magically became very famous from this blog.

Dave (tapping pencil and looking at card with information about me on it): Our next guest has a website. A blog. Paul, you have a blog?

Paul (loud laugh): Blog!

Dave: Blog. Blog. Sounds like something you’d catch during spring break. Hey mom, hey uhh … hey mom, I … I got the blog.

Paul (loud laugh) (singing): I’m siiiiick with the bloooooog.

Dave (stares at Paul silently, then): Anyway, let’s welcome out our guest!

Me (nervous and excited): Hi! Hi! Thank you so much for having me! Wow!

Dave: So uhh … you got this blog, huh?

Me: Yeah! It’s a website I started to try and get my name out so –

Dave: Was it worth it?

Me (confused): What?

Dave: Was it worth it? Catching the blog? Was the girl pretty enough?

Me: Oh .. ha … yeah …

Paul (singing):  I should’ve used virus protection .. but now I got!, now i caught!, now I’m wrought! … with! … THE! … BLOGGGGGG!!!!!!

Me (stunned silence)

Dave (angry silence, staring at Paul)

Paul (grinning for God knows what reason)

Dave (clearing throat): So what do you do? Work over at that damn MTV?

Me: Uh … what?

Dave: Hey uh … hey ma … I got the blog.

Me (fake laugh, followed by an uncomfortable silence):  Um … so … I really want to get published, but that’s very tough to do so I decided to put up all these goofy, fun little things on this –

Dave (crazy, hacking coughing):…

Me (scared looking): …

Dave: Well, I think I just died a little bit.

Paul (big laugh)

Dave (doing the fake stretching thing so his arms look too long for suit): Wanna know why I coughed?

Me: Sure.

Dave: Not enough pilates. Hear that Paul?, I’m doing pilates.

Paul (excessively happy): Pilate blog!

Me (no idea what to say)

Dave: Pilate blog. Ploggy. Plog. Bilates.

Me: That’s pretty fun. I think you just came up with the next new trend.

Dave: You don’t have this at the music channel?

Me: Um … I don’t work for MTV?

Paul: MTV’s annual pilate blog festival!

Dave: We got a clip?

Me: … What?

Dave: You want to set up your clip?

Me: Ah … I don’t have a clip? If people want to go to my website it’s … so … please go!

Dave (hacking cough): The swine flu’s got nothing on this blog. After the break we’ve got “glass box monks” – they’re gonna play some song or something.

Comments on: "De Jour of the Week (10/03/2009)" (1)

  1. Um. Excellent interview with Letterman! that’s one nasty std…if this is what you expect in the interview, you really need something to drink beforehand 🙂

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