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The Health of the Blog

Lately I have been thinking about stopping my blog. It would still exist, because I occasionally think of the idea of trying to pluck the contents in some way and put into a book. Is that because I’m vain and self-loving? Maybe. But also I just love to archive things and keep around past efforts. And I do think I’d enjoy looking back at this thing some years from now and seeing how much I have changed over the ten plus years I’ve had this thing. I can look back at posts now which, for the most part, tried to be funny and think, ‘oh that’s when that thing happened and I was actually ticked off and just channeled that into this weird story.’ It’s an interesting lens I have to look at myself.

I hope, too, if I look back on old blog posts I will think of growth or how I am a different person now (ideally in a better way) than I was when I wrote that.

As for posts these days quite a few are inspired by, or directly related to, my son. I am pretty guarded about posting pictures of him on any social media because 1, that’s a decision I’m making and he’s not (even though it’s his person); and much more so 2, I think companies are generally looking for a profit and will do whatever they can to make that profit. So I’d like to minimize how much they know about my son.

But wait. I have these blog posts about him here. There’s a rub, huh? I don’t particularly enjoy writing the monthly recap on the kiddo – it’s an effort. But if I didn’t post it I don’t know that I would write them. Sad, but true. Maybe I would, and maybe I’ll try that out here in the near future.

Since I started this blog my goal was to get published. This was an effort to get noticed to help in that effort, but my efforts have really waned. Part of the fun and an important piece of having a good blog is connecting with other bloggers. I have failed to do that for a while now, and I think that has taken away from this some. And, really, I haven’t written something toward a ‘get published’ effort in a LOOOONG time. Could I maybe spend the time I spend on this blog instead writing something I consider ‘publish-worthy’ (which, let’s be honest, 99.9999999% of folks would still think is not publish-worthy).

Also since I started this blog I have randomly thought of stopping. It’s just lately I am thinking about that much more. And with my less free time life these days, why not think out loud in a blog post? Boom. One down for this week.

I may keep on going, three posts a week and everything (I *did* just buy new postcard stamps). Or maybe I’ll post when I feel like it. Or maybe it’ll be a ghost town here. Or any combination of these three. I don’t know.

These are the thoughts tumbling through my brain.

Top 10 Signs That …

Top 10 Signs That … You’re Just Mailing It In on a Blog Post







4. Whatever




Dear Joe’s Sh*tty Ideas

How are you? I enjoy your blog, but you don’t have an email so I’m talking to you this way. (Also it’s funny to me to picture someone coming to my blog and holy crap – that days entry is basically an email to you!)

Anywho, up at the top I have the “NEAT!” page where I interview other bloggers and I haven’t done one of those in a loooooong time, so if you’d be up for it, please let me know how I can get in touch with you.

I’ll ask dumb questions, and you can give me sincere or whatever kind of answer you want.


In other news, hi Mom. Yes, I know I have Sh*tty in the title. See how I put an asterisk? That is for you.


In other, other news … Yes, other readers of the blog, my mom reads my blog and does not like it when I swear, so I hear about it. I am a very big mama’s boy.


Happy Monday, eh folks?

The First Thirty Thoughts I Would Have, In Order, If A UFO Landed in Front of Me

*Fwoosh – The Ship Appears*

1 – Holy crap.
2 – Dang!, wish I had my camera!
3 – Can I out-run my friends?
4 – What if they eat the fastest one of us?
5 – Can I out-run the aliens?
6 – Hopefully they won’t try and eat us.
7 – Dang I should’ve had that third doughnut!
8 – Nah they won’t kill us.
9 – I’m going to die and have wasted a doughnut!
10 – Oh man!
11 – What if they stink?
12 – What if they’re super intelligent.
13 – Incredibly kind.
14 – Can solve all our problems.
15 – But stink horribly?
16 – Does the UN have a stink-council?
17 – They will soon.
18 – I wonder what their language will sound like.
19 – What if they all sound like Ray Romano?
20 – Smelly, Ray Romano aliens.
21 – What if it turns out to be God, and He’s been cruising around and found a bunch of utopias and realized He should’ve spent, oh I don’t know, a week-and-a-half making us instead of a week.
22 – I should start to dance.
23 – “Welcome to Earth … check this out, it’s called ‘the white chocolate.'”
24 – If they land and probe me, I’m going to feel kinda bad for having laughed when I heard people saying that kind of thing.
25 – Although, it’s still kinda funny.
26 – Space Pervs! Hahaha. Sounds like a good spoof superhero flick.
27 – I should blog about that.
28 – Oh crap the door is opening …
29 – Is my last thought really going to be about blogging?
30 – Man I really wish I’d eaten that doughnut.


My Zombie Roomby (11/29/10)


Usually when I’m doing a video for my blog the Zombie seems to get a little disgruntled and he leaves. I figured he just thought/knew that if he saw me making one of those videos he’d lose all respect for me.

I figure that because the same thing happened to myself (I caught a look at myself in the mirror … mistake.).


Today, for whatever reason, the Zombie stuck around.

Even more?! I think he may actually be down for doing a video with me!!! Stay tuned folks, this could be good.

Or not.

FYI About Tags

This blog is self-serving. I want to get published. It’d be awesome, and hopefully people would enjoy reading things I write (and had published).

I’m doing this blog because it’s fun, and to shoot for this goal. As part of this I am trying to advertise myself a bit.

Starting a month or two ago I’ve been adding the following tags to every post I do: brad, stanley, brad stanley, gangly, awkward silence.

Why? The first few are obvious – they’re my name.

But gangly and awkward silence are because of this logic: how AWESOME would it be if I became associated with either of those phrases? That would be amazing!

Recently the girlfriend unit discovered a blog post about which she said: “HAHA… if you just omit the second to last paragraph… this is shockingly true!”

The blog post is about TGD’s … Tall, Gangly Dudes. As a member of the tall, gangly dude club, I was happy to hear that this stranger is a fan of my people. And I totally agree that I see tall, gangly people and I think they look kind of funny. Like a rubber-band and a human had a baby.

Anyway – just letting you know that I, Brad Stanley, would like to be considered gangly, and associated with the phrase ‘awkward silence.’

The stellar report card from the random fellow-blogger is here.

De Jour of the Week (10/03/2009)


This is how I picture an interview going with myself and David Letterman, if I magically became very famous from this blog.

Dave (tapping pencil and looking at card with information about me on it): Our next guest has a website. A blog. Paul, you have a blog?

Paul (loud laugh): Blog!

Dave: Blog. Blog. Sounds like something you’d catch during spring break. Hey mom, hey uhh … hey mom, I … I got the blog.

Paul (loud laugh) (singing): I’m siiiiick with the bloooooog.

Dave (stares at Paul silently, then): Anyway, let’s welcome out our guest!

Me (nervous and excited): Hi! Hi! Thank you so much for having me! Wow!

Dave: So uhh … you got this blog, huh?

Me: Yeah! It’s a website I started to try and get my name out so –

Dave: Was it worth it?

Me (confused): What?

Dave: Was it worth it? Catching the blog? Was the girl pretty enough?

Me: Oh .. ha … yeah …

Paul (singing):  I should’ve used virus protection .. but now I got!, now i caught!, now I’m wrought! … with! … THE! … BLOGGGGGG!!!!!!

Me (stunned silence)

Dave (angry silence, staring at Paul)

Paul (grinning for God knows what reason)

Dave (clearing throat): So what do you do? Work over at that damn MTV?

Me: Uh … what?

Dave: Hey uh … hey ma … I got the blog.

Me (fake laugh, followed by an uncomfortable silence):  Um … so … I really want to get published, but that’s very tough to do so I decided to put up all these goofy, fun little things on this –

Dave (crazy, hacking coughing):…

Me (scared looking): …

Dave: Well, I think I just died a little bit.

Paul (big laugh)

Dave (doing the fake stretching thing so his arms look too long for suit): Wanna know why I coughed?

Me: Sure.

Dave: Not enough pilates. Hear that Paul?, I’m doing pilates.

Paul (excessively happy): Pilate blog!

Me (no idea what to say)

Dave: Pilate blog. Ploggy. Plog. Bilates.

Me: That’s pretty fun. I think you just came up with the next new trend.

Dave: You don’t have this at the music channel?

Me: Um … I don’t work for MTV?

Paul: MTV’s annual pilate blog festival!

Dave: We got a clip?

Me: … What?

Dave: You want to set up your clip?

Me: Ah … I don’t have a clip? If people want to go to my website it’s … so … please go!

Dave (hacking cough): The swine flu’s got nothing on this blog. After the break we’ve got “glass box monks” – they’re gonna play some song or something.

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