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Weekly Wacko (22)

One Part Blind, One Part Awkward

I just went to check my mail, where I had a lovely letter from Whitney. On the way to the mailbox I saw a woman waving frantically at me. I found it odd and was about to respond when I looked closer and saw she was waving at a baby. That made a lot more sense.

My favorite time of mistaking someone waving at me was in college.

The weather was beautiful out, so I went to the student union center and got my favorite thing there – the chicken ceaser wrap from Chick-Fil-A. Man those things are good.  I also bought a milk and a Twix bar. Combine that with sitting outside, my headphones and spacing out and you’ve got a little slice of Heaven.

I’m about done with my delicious meal when I notice a girl calling at me in a very chipper tone. I had taken off my glasses and put them in a case in my pocket, so I don’t take them out first.

I’m wondering who this girl is – usually I can recognize friends by their voices, and why on earth would someone be so chipper and happy while calling out at me? Sure, I can be nice to talk to, but not that nice to talk to.

I don’t think much of it and start walking toward while squinting.

(A good friend of mine, Brittany, loved making fun of me for this. She would see me without glasses and yell “HI BRAD!” so then I’d squint like crazy while walking toward her to make sure it was Brittany. She’d walk toward me and mockingly squint at me while cracking up. Brittany’s a funny gal.)

At some point I realize the girl was looking not at me, but in my general direction. I am about five feet from her when I notice this – and it wasn’t like I could’ve been walking to her, or some other place. There was nothing around her, I was bee-lining to her.

Uh oh.

I turn around and good God I’m a moron she was trying to get a stray cat’s attention. That’s why the chipper tone.

It was a cat call, literally.

Comments on: "Weekly Wacko (22)" (7)

  1. I’m here from the future!
    This is a classic. It’s like you feel like an idiot and there is no way out of it! Great post! (I’m going back to the future now, setting time machine to 2/17/2011 12:06 PM PST)

  2. this is pretty priceless. love it.

    • DumbFunnery said:

      ha well thank you Katie – oh! I should’ve called you … the sis/bro in law and I may go check out the westheimer area today. snap, crackle, pop!

  3. You shouldn’t feel that bad about it. After all she was talking to a cat.

    I had a mistaken wave once which ended with the person I thought was waving at me asking why I was waving.

    Very funny and painful post.

    • DumbFunnery said:

      Wow – that’s a pretty bold person. Haven’t we all done the mistaken wave, and then it turns out it’s someone right behind you?

      Actually this kind of makes me want to fake out wave people and then watch their reactions when they realize I’m not waving at them … but I’d need a hair-brained friend to go along with this scheme.

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