The intellectual equivalent of a ham sandwich.

The launch didn’t happen so no cool pictures of that – but here are some of wonderful Savannah, Georgia.





Comments on: "Failure is not an option – but delays are" (5)

  1. Gorgeous pictures! You’re clearly talented at many things 🙂

  2. That first tree shot is just spectacular. Very tranquil. I feel like sitting calmly now. Perhaps writing a soliloquy.

    • DumbFunnery said:

      I felt that way while walking around taking pictures. It was a perfect day weather-wise in Savannah.

  3. Nice droopy tree thingies! That’s almost as good as a shuttle launching into space, isn’t it?

    • DumbFunnery said:

      It’s pretty much the exact same thing.

      And the droopy tree things contain little bugs that can bury into your skin and suck your blood. Also similar to NASA.

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