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Quotes of the Day!

“Listen, everybody … the launch is canceled, but fries now only cost 4 dollars and ninety-five cents … for the single ladies.”

NASA Chief Bolden

(I HIGHLY recommend you click on that picture. I bought some post cards from the Kennedy Space Center gift shop but what I really wanted – besides the 100 dollar space-suit onesy – was THIS picture.)

Kid: “I still want to be a monster truck driver!”

Kid’s Dad: “Aim higher, buddy.”

My folks and I toured Kennedy Space Center and got lunch there. We sat next to a couple and their 4th grade son. My mom was talking about me as a little kid and how I wanted to be an entomologist. I said I just liked catching bugs. Then the kids mom said her son wanted to be a monster truck driver. The above conversation followed. I found them pretty awesome and funny.


In other news I did NOT get to see the shuttle launch. This is a pretty big bummer. My parents are still there so fingers crossed that (by the time this gets posted) the launch has not been delayed again.

Comments on: "Quotes of the Day!" (1)

  1. That sucks that you didn’t get to see it. At least though you came away with a funny conversation.

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