The intellectual equivalent of a ham sandwich.

Sex in space – has it happened? According to this article, “Former and current astronauts don’t like to talk about space-shuttle sex, and NASA says that if it’s ever happened, the agency doesn’t know anything about it.”

I’m not here to comment on if there has been sex-space or not, but I will give some guesses on what lines were used to kick off the sexxins. Yes, I’d like to present …


Out of this World Pick-Up Lines

(Yes, the title is that bad.)





Gimbal, according to this, is defined as: “A device with two mutually perpendicular and intersecting axes of rotation, thus giving free angular movement in two directions, on which an engine or other object may be mounted.”

If that’s not a pick-up line for the ages I don’t know what is.


Special thanks to my parents for getting me the LEGO Space Shuttle as a Christmas gift (after we tried and failed to see a launch.)

Comments on: "Sex in Space? Try These Out of this World Pick-Up Lines!" (3)

  1. There has definitely been some outer space sex. No doubt about it. I’m also sure some of those pick-up lines have been put into play. Love the pictures to go with them! haha. You’re a Lego photo genius.

    Also, it’s kind of weird that the comment button is on the top of the post. Scroll down, then back up, then back down…and so on. I’m lazy you know.

  2. Yeah sure they don’t know about it. You know NASA had to have requested some astronauts do the nasty in the pasty. They’d want to study the effects. In a dark room…

    Great pick up lines. Next time I’m in space I’ll have to give them a whirl.

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