The intellectual equivalent of a ham sandwich.

Quotes of the Day!

The following are quotes from The Pirates! in an Adventure with Communists by Gideon Defoe. The first quote is on page 1, the book starts dumb/stupid/awesome and ends that way.


The pirates were sat in the boat’s kitchen arguing over what the proper protocol was for dealing with a drunken pirate. After the debate about whether sea anemones made better pretend mustaches or better pretend eyebrows when you stuck them to your face, this was easily the pirates’ favorite topic of conversation.


They deliberately parked across two disabled spaces, because that kind of behavior was pretty much the whole point of being a pirate.


‘I’m fluent, thank you. Almost like a native,’ said the Captain, with a scowl. The Pirate Captain knew the French for ‘This is a pretty donkey’ and also ‘This is not a pretty donkey’, and he couldn’t think of anything that wasn’t either a pretty donkey or not a pretty donkey, so that was just about every eventuality covered.


‘You know when the Pirate Captain says something like, “I may lead a secret double life as a spy? Or maybe I don’t. Who’s to say?’ and then he arches an eyebrow? That’s enigmatic.’
‘Ah. I always thought that was just annoying.’




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