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Legoland, Star Wars

Ee-chaaaaaah (that means howdy in Ewok)

Ee-chaaaaaah (that means howdy in Ewok)


Legoland 2

Giant Lego recreations of Star Wars fight scenes! How cool is that? It’s like someone took my brain from the 3rd grade (or most ages really) and did what I wanted to do.


Legoland 3

Legoland 4

Legoland 5


Legoland 10

Legoland 9

Legoland 6

Legoland 8

Legoland 7

Half Price Book Store Gems

I’ve got a break between classes (although during this time I really should go ahead and brush up on a class I’m going to be taking … but that’s just no fun). What will I do with my extra free time? Half Price Books has me covered!

I just bought Assignment – Black Viking. Why, you ask? Well, how’s THIS for a reason!

Edward S. Aarons

The back of the book starts with this, “Something damned strange was happening to the weather.” I was really hoping it would have a decent amount of noir style but instead it’s more of a James Bond kind of thing going on. You know, total hot shot stud with a leggy dame who either is working with him or wants to kill him (I’ll find out eventually).

What’s next on the reading list? Oh, I don’t know, maybe Epidemic Detectives!

Fred Warshofsky

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