The intellectual equivalent of a ham sandwich.

The economy is not in top form right now, and that is unfortunate. It really is. What could possibly be the silver lining, then?


It’s easy to blame the economy for things right now, and everyone’s doing it. If you’re not, you should be.

“Really? I swear, it’s like you’re not even aiming when you use the bathroom. What is going on in here?!”
“Sorry mom, the economy has me worried … will I be able to get a job after college?”

This is a potential conversation between a seven year old boy and his mother. Little Jacob can’t use the bathroom like he used to – and it’s the economy’s fault.

Say you’re at the supermarket and it’s weirdly crowded for a Tuesday at 3 pm. What is happening here? Oh dang, that guy has a sweet mustache. Seriously though why is this – oooh an open spot right up front! You zoom toward it, cutting off that sweet old woman who was there first.

“Young man, you should be ashamed! Where have manners gone in this world!”
“Sorry miss, it was either cup o’ noodles, or manners. And a guy’s gotta eat.”
“Oh it’s ok youngin’, I’ve been there before. Trust me. I’ve. Been. There.”

(Turns out the old woman was more creepy than sweet. Classic mistake.)

Yes. The economy is bad right now. But keep this silver lining in mind, and it won’t seem as bad.

And when the economy improves, we can finally afford that gold lining.



Comments on: "Silver Lining of the Bad Economy" (2)

  1. The economy stole my sandwich.

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