The intellectual equivalent of a ham sandwich.

– Hey Jimmy, how’s it going?
– Frank! I didn’t know you had work today!
– Hahaha.
– Hahahaha. Yep … maybe I’ll have tomorrow off, eh?
– Boy. If it wasn’t for the sun and over-work making me delusional, the grind of work would really be depressing.
– Let’s change the subject.
– Well, that’s a great idea!
– What should we talk about?
– Hmmm …
– Oh!
– Oh!?
– OH!! Did you hear!?
– Hear what?!
– Hear about the new Pharaoh!
– Wait, what?
– Yeah!
– When did this happen!?
– Last week sometime, man … But no, that’s not the big news. He chose his name!
– Ooooh! Really?
– Yep!
– Is it a good one?
– Well … I know how you felt about the last guy.
– Dear old “Amun is pleased”?
– Yep.
– Don’t get me started …
– Do you think it was … Oh I don’t know, cocky?
– ARGH! YES! … You brought this lecture on yourself …
– By all means, I enjoy hearing it.
– Ok. So. His predecessor had “Lord of the truth is Ra.” I liked that! I thought it was great! It was a name, but it was more than that. It was a message. You’d wake up and think, “wait, who’s the Lord of the truth? Oh yeah! Ra! Thanks, Pharaoh!” But then we had Mr. “Amun is pleased” and … I mean, just COME. ON.
– You sure you’ll be able to handle the new Pharaoh’s name?
– Oh no.
– Keep in mind he’s just a kid, so …
– Just tell me!
– It’s … “Living image of Amun.”
– …
– Yep.
– The … PHARAOH … The pharaoh! … Is the living image of Amun?
(Nods head)
– Amun! Amun, as in the champion of the poor or troubled? Not to mention a figure central to personal piety!
– That Amun.
– The removed-from-any-work-Pharaoh is the living image … of Amun … That’s just great.
– Hahaha … I know it stinks, buddy, but if it makes you feel better, I love hearing about how much you hate the irony.
– I hope it turns out Amun had really bad acne. Stupid boy king.

Thanks wikipedia for all my knowledge about this.

Nebmaatre Amenhotep III The Magnificent King: name means Lord of the truth is Ra
Neferkheperure-waenre Amenhotep IV/Akhenaten: original name means “Amun is pleased.”
Tutankhamun means “Living Image of Amun

Comments on: "Egyptian Slaves Discussing the New Pharaoh’s Name" (2)

  1. Too funny and darn creative!

  2. It never once occurred to me what their names mean. That’s hilariously well done good sir.

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