The intellectual equivalent of a ham sandwich.

What? What is this? A soda for me? Really? I was just kidding when I walked up and said, “hey why don’t you go grab me a Coke.” But you actually went and got one? Why are you being nice to me? I was kidding. Wait you’re apologizing now for being nice to me? What’s your problem? And you’re letting me berate you for being kind to me? What is happening here? Why are you so nice? I don’t deserve this, I barely know you! What’s your problem? DANG IT I’m chewing you out again and – QUIT apologizing! GAH.


I dedicate this little internal monologue of crazy to my friend Katie (who had her birthday this week). In high school one day I went to a football game with some friends. At the game we met up with some of their friends who I had never met. One of them was a girl named Katie. She, if I remember right, said she was going to grab something. I said, being a smart … alec … something like, “hey grab me a coke and a hot dog would you?” I said this because I fully expected her to say, “yeah sure” but in that way where you know that she will definitely not do anything before you because – hey, who are you?


Instead she said sure very nicely. I was baffled. Why is someone who is essentially a stranger being so nice to me? This doesn’t make sense. So, suave gentleman that I am, I said, “really? why would you do that?” in a sort of ‘what’s wrong with you’ tone.


I play the role of a punk little brother pretty often. I make dumb jokes, I say things that I expect will be ignored or received with a sarcastic response. Genuinely nice people throw me off.


Sometimes it’s a wonder I have friends.


Anywho, happy birthday to Katie! A genuinely nice person! (Which is far too rare.)


Comments on: "You Can Always Depend on the Kindness of Strangers …" (1)

  1. That is rare to find a genuinely nice person.

    I have been on the opposite side of your internal monologue, because on occasion I’ll be really nice, and perfectly polite to someone I know who will find it confusing and ultimately annoying. I find it amusing. I am seeking treatment, so no need to ask.

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