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Christmas Prep

Now that Thanksgiving is in the rearview mirror it is time to begin prepping for Christmas (if you celebrate Christmas … if you don’t, read on, this is all made up nonsense anyway so I’m not excluding anyone).

Oprah is often a source for favorite things, and what better way to decorate than to model Oprah’s favorite things? But, I’ll do you one better. One of Oprah’s things that she has yet to pick – Gayle! Her buddy! Print off a few pictures of Gayle’s face and frame them in festive Christmas frames.

And that’s it.

Yep. You read that right.

2012-01-23-gaylekingcbscreditJust a bunch of Gayle’s framed around your house.

For the real go-getter, frame pictures of her hands, maybe a close up of her ears. Get to the point that you feel creepy and deranged, and know that you’ve just begun.

Then invite family and friends over.

Those who want to stay, make sure to never spend time around those people again. Yikes. As for the rest of your family and friends, we here at DumbFunnery wish you the best of luck in convincing them you’re not nuts.

Merry Christmas Prep Everyone!


Attn: Ellen (11/29/17)



Back (apologies for my handwriting!)



The text of the postcard is

Dear Ellen,

While fishnet stockings over your face may look attractive, it can make eating difficult.

Note here, this woman attempting to eat her finger.

Sincerely, OR


Why am I doing this?

Baby Board

Jim Francis was furious, the numbers that Dave Standton had reported looked bad. Very bad. The board’s care team was glancing amongst themselves, looking nervous. This was going to be a long meeting.

Thus far, the board meeting had proceeded without much chaos, but the horizon looked worrisome.

Standing up next to report on new products for the coming quarter, to hopefully reverse the tragedy that is the projected numbers for this quarter, was Jill Hargrove. Jill looked around the room, eyes unable to focus on anything, one eye going over there, now making direct eye contact, then quickly darting to stare at the lights in the room … a slight smile appeared on Jill’s face before disappearing and she began.

It was bad. There were no noteworthy new products, like Apple, the company was in a rut of marketing new versions of the same thing. But, unlike Apple, their customers tended to notice and be angry.

Jim’s forehead crinkled, his eyes narrowed, and then, there it was, his mouth opened wide and a loud, heart-wrenching scream pierced the room. A care team member jumped up and tried to get a pacifier into Jim’s mouth but he was too late, he was deep in the throws of his crying. Two other care team members came and, together, the three of them picked up Jim and rocked him until he calmed enough to get the pacifier. Calmed, he was put back into his leather office chair, and with the room quieted Jill continued while Jim sucked angrily on his pacifier, his eyes seemed shooting fire around the room.

This was no ordinary board of directors. Each of the directors, while intelligent, capable, and fully grown, also had the peculiar habit of acting like a newborn.

With one crisis down, another began, as Jill stopped speaking and began shaking her head vigorously side-to-side, mouth opening and closing as her arms began to flail about. Her thrashing was erratic, terrifying, and building momentum. Thankfully, one of her arms accidentally smacked into her head and she plopped back down into her chair while sucking on her knuckles. The care team was one step ahead this time, and they deftly plopped a bottle into Jill’s mouth while gently sliding her knuckles out of the way.

The meeting was, as far as these go, pretty productive. They had lasted seventeen minutes.

The care team moved Jim and Jill out of the room, wheeling them back to their offices. Dave stayed behind, he had fallen asleep. There was another meeting starting soon, but who could possibly wake him up to make that next meeting?, he looked so adorable.

Attn: Ellen (10/18/17)



Back (apologies for my handwriting!)



The text of the postcard is

Dear Ellen’s Intern Who is Forced to Read Crazy Fan Mail,

You’ve probably been wondering – why did the weird postcards stop? Well, I’ve been busy being a new dad! Now you’re likely thinking, can I meet your child? Huh. Really. You’re thinking that? Seems a little … presumptuous, don’t you think?


This got awkward.

Well, umm, say hi to your friends?


Why am I doing this?

What to Inspect When You’re Inspecting

Having owned my own house for about a year now I can tell you with confidence that I don’t know what I’m doing.

At any moment a pipe could burst, the dryer could leak acid, the backyard could explode into flames, and I’d think to myself, ‘ah, well, I guess that’s normal.’

One key thing is to seem relaxed and confident while dealing with the issue. Put on your least attractive jeans, an old t-shirt with pit stains that somehow reach down to your navel, and a tool belt (if you don’t have one, an ice cream bar is equally good). Then call in someone who knows what they’re doing and offer advice over their shoulder while you pay them gobs of money per hour.

  • “Ah, there’s the problem, my rotator belt is shot,” you might say while the person looks at your breaker box.
  • “Oh ho, looks like Christmas came twice this year!” you could mutter while the person explains that your air ducts are so full of hair there is essentially a dead Chewbacca in your vents.
  • Maybe you prefer nonverbal communication? Try picking your nose and laughing maniacally while the person explains that putting your Nest thermostat in the microwave is not a cheaper way to heat up the house.
  • Try a joke to lighten the mood, “my refrigerator isn’t running, but it has started daily walks to lose some weight,” and then nod in complete agreement as the fire deputy explains why indoor bonfires are bad ideas.

As always, we here at DumbFunnery are just offering our opinion and do not necessarily even bathe more than once a week. Got to go now, the cat is dying for a staring contest.

Attn: Ellen (3/29/17)



Back (apologies for my handwriting!)


The text of the postcard is

Dear Ellen,

I didn’t meet the artist who made this book cover but I felt I was in line with the spirit of his art by adding that dialogue.

Sincerely, OR

Why am I doing this?

And So It Begins

This post was inspired by the following article, “The 1000 Year Old Case of the Spanish Cannibals.



You notice how good Ulg looks?

Yeah that’s true … she’s really filling out.

(Caveman high five.)

Yeah, so meaty.

…Yeah…Uh…That’s one way to put it.

Like, those thighs, right?

Yeah man!

(Caveman high five.)

Those arms!

Well … I’m not really an arm guy, but sure, she’s got nice muscle definition.



I’d like to introduce her to my skewer.

Haha ew, that’s the weirdest euphemism ever.

What’s a euphemism?


Oh dear.

Did you notice how good YOU look?

(Caveman high five left hanging.)

(One caveman runs away from the other.)

(Cue Benny Hill music.)

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