The intellectual equivalent of a ham sandwich.

Dynamo Ginger

A couple months ago my friends and I saw the opening day Dynamo game at their new stadium. It was a lot of fun. I sat by my buddy Juicebox, and we made fun of people. That was a lot of fun, also.

One of the people we made fun of was a red head who plays for the Dynamo. His name is Andre Hainault.

Why would we do this? Well, we’re punks. Here are some of the jokes I remember us making.
Dynamo Andre Hainault 1 – “If I score a goal I’ll get a kiss! From a REAL GIRL!!”

2 – How can he play soccer? Shouldn’t he have to go to the sidelines every 10 minutes to put on more sunblock?

3 – Not a bad play from the Ginger … Red Head Redemption. Heyooo!

4 – Wow, he chased the ball down pretty well there. Maybe someone told him there’s a long sleeve shirt inside it.

5 – Ahhh! Oh … sorry, it’s the ginger.

6 – He just Ron Weasley’d out of that bad spot … huh? HUH!?

7 – “My mom said she’s going to let me have TWO puddings if we win!!!”

The jokes were dumb, and really I have no problem with red heads. Obligatory line like I’ve just made a potentially racist joke: These jokes aren’t offensive, come on, I’m friends with red heads. I’m related to a red head. Honest. I am.

Hugs?Andre Hainault Houston Dynamo

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  1. What the hell man? You know we went to Ren Fest last Sunday and I got hassled quite a bit. By RENNIES!

    • I considered not writing this post because I thought it might actually seem mean … but I figured everything I do is pretty deliberately stupid, and this falls under that category.

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