The intellectual equivalent of a ham sandwich.

The Frasier Distribution List

Recently I got letters in the mail from the Houston Symphony, and the Houston Ballet. They are advertising things to try and make me more fancy. I am resisting the advertisements with ease.

Why am I getting any of this stuff at all? Because I went to a symphony event to try and impress a lady (it worked!). Here are some of the thoughts I had while at the event:

  • After the show I want to see if Niles and Frasier want to have a sherry.
  • Where do I turn in my drink ticket for booze?
  • I wish they weren’t singing in English, then I’d have an excuse for not getting what’s going on.
  • That Asian girl sure has a lot of hip movement for a violinist.
  • What date number do you think it is for those two to our right? Get a room you two!
  • I wonder how close Whataburger is to here … I need to un-class myself with some junk food.

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