The intellectual equivalent of a ham sandwich.

1. Airplane – this one is fairly obvious, airplanes are crammed for anyone, let alone Legs McGee over here. (This also applies to long road trips. If you’re flexible then you end up looking like a weird spider-human, legs sticking out all which ways (it’s creepy).)

2. Couch surfing – “I know the couch isn’t that long but you can curl up,” curl is the imperative word.

3. Public bathrooms – woe is you the day a fellow tall man walks in and you, having just stood up in a stall, make eye contact with him.

4. Any place older folks are (if you are not athletic) – no I didn’t play basketball, and yes I’d like to hear about how I am a waste of perfectly good height.

5. Cube farm workplace – where’s … Oh I see him. Also: be very cautious if you work with short folks who are fast walkers, you don’t want to round a corner and accidentally be an NHL enforcer board-checking them.

Comments on: "Top 5 Places It’s Bad to be Tall" (4)

  1. visitingmissouri said:

    I can’t help but feel being named Legs McGee doesn’t work either. Actually, I recognize most of these. I think doctors and dentists in particular have patented the basketball question.

    • Yeah, Mr. and Mrs. McGee were confident their child would be either very tall or very short. Maybe it was a bad decision, but it’s classic McGee.

  2. Ha! Hey, weren’t you in the stall next to me in the restroom?
    Another place it really stinks to be tall is on a basketball court, unless you’re actually any good…

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