The intellectual equivalent of a ham sandwich.

Turn Down For What?

If you haven’t heard, there’s a popular song right now by DJ Snake (yep) and Lil Jon which has the line “turn down for what” said quite frequently.

This begs the question, what are you turning down for?

Turn Down for …

5. Your friend with the relationship troubles in the backseat just got a call … Time to eavesdrop under the guise of letting her hear her conversation better.

4. Your girlfriend is asleep on the coach ten minutes into the movie she wanted to watch but that you didn’t. Volume: muted. XBOX 360? On. Destiny? You betcha.

3. What? Sorry, I had my headphones in. What?

2. Ooooh turn volume off! Turn the volume off! I think I heard my crazy old lady neighbor trying to sing rap songs!

1. You could’ve SWORN the turn was right there … Ugh! Ok, time to turn down the music because that’ll somehow make you less lost.


I was going to include the link for the video but then I watched it for the first time and it actually makes the lyrics for the song seem intelligent (aka the video is super dumb). So instead here’s a song I like. (The video is very odd but the song is fun.)

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