The intellectual equivalent of a ham sandwich.

Necessary Nonsense

Vociferous and ubiquitous unicorns

Undulating unilaterally in my sleep

This leads to head scratching morns

My therapist listens, represses a weep

Shouting shellfish shellac their homes

Nosy neighbors noisily whisper their opinions

Composing not novelettes but hefty tomes

Their judgmental thoughts like unwanted minions

Cornering the market with his heft and desire

The brazen basket case of a boys done it now

He’s lit not a spark but a full fledged fire

While the brown cow looks askance and asks how

The summation of my thoughts involves sigma,

A saucy case of stylish, yet staunch strabismus

And a haughty goodnight to all, I’ll miss ya

Now let me go, please, you and your plus sized fuss

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