The intellectual equivalent of a ham sandwich.

(Trail) Running Thoughts

  • M.C Escher must have designed this jog … I think it was uphill on the way out, and somehow uphill on the way back.escher_stairs
  • Oh man cereal is so amazing. I can’t wait to be eating cereal.
  • I feel like I’m in one of those westerns where someone gets dragged out to the middle of nowhere and they have to find their way back to humanity despite only having half a container of water and feeling deserted and afraid. Except it was my own stupid ambitions and energy and first half of the jog self that dragged me out here.
  • Is everyone I jog by less tired than me? I think everyone is less tired than me.
  • Woah. I feel like I must have looked like a STUD taking that hill! Man, I feel good! (2 seconds go by) Oh God. Time to stop and walk for ten minutes.


    Once I can jog this trail by my house without stopping to walk I’ll allow myself to buy this shirt. A shirt like this has to be earned, you know.

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